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When looking for an idea to generate money for your organization, school or charity a casino night might be the answer. But don't just give this opportunity to anyone! Tumbling Dice is the leader in fundraising events. We do more fundraisers than all our competitors combined. Remember you only get one chance to make a great first impression. Leave nothing to chance let Tumbling Dice plan your next event.
If you do not have a venue for your fundraiser or event contact Tumbling Dice when booking and we can provide you with some suggestions based upon your geographical area and amount of guests.
The excitement of a casino theme party is universal. Your guests will have a great time and will most definitely enjoy participating in all the fun for a good cause. You will probably raise more money than you thought was possible. Doesn't this sound better than trying to organize a car wash and forcing the parents of the school system to try and sell all the tickets which inevitably they all buy anyway. Not to mention trying to get parent participation to wash the cars. Let us not forget having to worry about weather conditions on the day of the event. BORING!!! Or the dreaded candy or cookies in order to make only a few dollars for the school system. BORING!!! With a casino fundraiser parents, parishioners and residents of the community are more than willing to partake in an evening of fun.
Charity groups-are you tired of trying to raise money for your cause with telephone solicitors? Telephone solicitations are very annoying and bothersome to the very people you are targeting to donate money. With many of these telephone solicitors taking 85-95% of the money donated. People are much more willing to donate money to a cause when they feel they are getting something in return. Especially when there may be an opportunity to win a prize. Why not a casino night? Tumbling Dice takes the worry out of planning your event! We will customize your casino party based upon the amount of guests, theme you have chosen and area in which the casino party will take place.
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